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Welcome to

New Life 
Childcare Center

Where every child's development is our first priority

Our Rooms

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Baby Boomers

Your baby will be safety nestled in the loving arms of their teacher and caregiver while being in a nurturing environment that allows them to develop foundationally, physically, and emotionally while building new relationships.

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First Steppers

As your little one continues to grow, our first steppers classroom provides the loving support and encouragement needed for them to start independently exploring the world around them using all five senses as they begin opening up their minds and creating their personalities. 

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Tiny Toddlers

In our toddler classroom , children develop their independence through fun learning experiences as they build valuable skills they need to interact with the world around them. Caring, patient teachers guide toddlers through exploration while helping to establish crucial social-emotional skills.

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Future Scholars

In our Future Scholars classroom our teachers see it is an opportunity to nurture their individual development within the context of a group setting and eager to get their minds prepared for their next chapter and Pre-K. 

Our Chapel Curriculum 

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New Life Childcare is a faith based childcare facility that offers faith development to all of our students. New Life Childcare has chapel on every Wednesday of every week unless schedule permits. 
Chapel lessons are divided into 3 age-appropriate groups:
One for the 2’s, one for the 3’s, and one for the 4’s.
A typical chapel entails opening prayer, introduction to the main theme/bible story of the day, an object lesson or movie to further explain the main theme, worship music and closing prayer. 

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